Mission statement Nursery and Primary School


The Vision of Tuwapende Watoto Nursery and Primary School

A good education is the foundation to a successful and prosperous life. At the Tuwapende Watoto school we are offering this opportunity to local children. Surrounded by loving and respectful teachers and mentors that will educate them and guide our children on their way to adulthood employment and a successful life.

Tolerance and understanding for others is part of our vision for a more peaceful world. At our school we instill those values from a young age throughout all stages of a students development and growth.

The Tuwapende School is open to children from all walks of life. Underprivileged families are invited to apply to have their tuition waived in part or in its entirety. As part of the approval process, the school's admission office will schedule a visit at the prospective student's home to meet with the family.

The Tuwapende Watoto school mission

We are offering a comprehensive and balance eduction for children ages 3 to 14. In our Montessori kindergarten kids are prepared to enter primary school. After grade 7, students will complete their primary education by taking the state exam

Classes at Tuwapende Watoto school are thought primarily in English, with Kiswahili and French offered as secondary languages. In our faculty we focus on quality training and education helping the children to become active and successful members of the Tanzanian society.

Our principles and rules regarding the financial support of students

By partially or fully waiving the tuition for underprivileged families we offer educational opportunities to children from all walks of life.

Tuition support commitments are periodically reviewed to accurately reflect the families material situation (over the years tuition may go up or down situation depending).

  • We exclusively help families in need
  • Admissions preference is given to kids from the surrounding neighborhoods
  • Children from further away may only be supported if they attend Tuwapende Watoto school
  • Once admitted, children will be supported until completion of the primary school
  • In making the determination for a full or partial tuition waiver, our admissions office will take the families personal situation into consideration
  • We treat all people with respect and dignity and adhere to high ethical standards
  • We do not support political or religious ideologies
  • We are proud to helping families in need by offering a solid basic education to their children