Employees school

Administrator Beatrice Dyelu

Beatrice Dyelu is responsible for the administration of the orphanage and nursery as well as for the Primary School. She is responsible for contact between local authorities and the Board of Trustees. Beatrice was born on 23 April 1985 in the Songea region. She studied sociology and graduated with a bachelor's degree.

"I love my work with Tuwapende Watoto because I love children. It was my dream to work in an orphanage. Tuwapende Watoto is the place where I found my vocation".

Accountant Jumanne Omary

Jumanne responsable for the accounting of the Tuwapende Watoto children's home and school. He lives in  Dar es Salaam and he visits the children's home twice a week. Jumanne was a student in the field of Accounting and Taxation, pursuing an Advanced Diploma in Accounting (ADA) at the Tanzania Institute of Accountancy in Dar es Salaam (TIA), a course which was ending on September 2011.

Driver and Gardener Baba Festo Nicholaus

Baba Festo

Baba Festo has been working with the Foundation since August 2007. He is in charge of the garden and its surrounding  landscape. With one of the five school busses he drives the children to our School.

He was born on 26 April 1980 in the Kigoma region. He attended and finished elementary school in Kasangezi. Baba Festo loves to work for the Foundation and the children love to play football with him.

Driver and Gardener Alfred Alchard Mwesiga

Baba Ema

Driver Alfred has been working for our Foundation since January 2013. He also drives one of the five school busses, is a house-mechanic and a talented craftsman, he knows how to fix everything in a very short time. Together with Baba Ema he is in charge of the solar collectors and for all technical facilities at the orphanage and at the school.

Driver and Gardener Shedrack Khalfan Shams

Bus driverShedrack is working for our Foundation since January 2016. He drives one of the six school buses and he is in charge of the garden and its surrounding landscape. Shedrack is responsible for the equipment at the school .

Driver and Gardener Salim Mohamed

Bus driver Mohamed is working for our Foundation since February 2016. He drives one of the six school buses and he is in charge of the garden and its surrounding landscape.

Mama Neema Barnabas, Supervisor cooking and cleaning

Mama Neema works since March 2015 at Tuwapende WatotoShe was born on 20 November 1988 in Kilosa region Morogory. Neema is responsible for the procurement of food. Together with her team, she is responsible for the meals for approximately 540 students and adults. In addition, she directs the staff that is responsible for cleaning of the school and administration premises.

Joshua Jacob

Jacob works since January 2016 at Tuwapende Watoto as a cook.

Mama Elizabeth Thomas

Mama Elizabethis has been with the Tuwapende Watoto foundation since February 2012 as member of the custodial and cleaning staff and she also aids in the school kitchen. She was born on 24 July 1984 in the Shinyanga region. Unfortunately she was unable to attend school as a child and has therefore no school education.
Elizabeth: "Tuwapende Watoto is a very good organisation because it helps people and give them opportunities to make a successful livelihood. I love to work for the foundation because it is the place where I can secure my future."

Mama Getruda Jackson

Getruda works as a kitchen assistant and helps with the cleaning work in the school premises of Tuwapende Watoto. Getruda attended the primary school. She joined our foundation in February 2012.

Mama Anna Cholwa

Anna works as a kitchen assistant and helps with the cleaning work in the school campus of Tuwapende Watoto. Mama Anna attended the first to third Grade of the primary school. She works for our foundation since July 2011.

Mama Sarafina Seph Bigondo

Mama Sarafina works as a cleaner on the school campus and has been helping in the kitchen since April 2013.

Watchman Apolinan Frederic Massawe

Apolinan is our deputy watchman and responsible for the security of our school campus or the children's homea. He joined the foundation in April 2013.

Watchman Judika Jonathan Njiro

Watchman Judika is responsible guarding the school. Since February 2016 he works for our Foundation.