Cooperation with local construction companies and craftsmen

The planned projects are implemented with local builders and craftsmen. Cooperation with the responsible parties is non-bureaucratic and very reliable. Our architect, Mr Mbaruck, is an integral partner to the Foundation and supports us in many administrative tasks as well. We monitor the progress of the project by having Board members and ambassadors both on-site as well as via e-mail or telephone.
It is the merit of all these people, in close co-operation with the architect and master-builder that all the buildings were well built and no donated funds were unnecessarily spent.

Land register

Legend of the land register:

A (green)   Orphanage home (property of Foundation)

B (blue)     School/Nursery (property of Foundation)

C (red)       Expansion of school (property of Foundation)

D (yellow)   Vocational training (property of Foundation)

E (purple)  Sports ground (municipal property)

Google Maps

the land from the air (click to enlarge the image)

link: -6° 37' 44.78", +39° 5' 3.41"



Projects in Bunju B / Land register A

Phase 1

The first phase consisted of a children's home with 4 bedrooms, three rooms for moms, a lounge, a study / TV room, a kitchen with pantry and toilet and shower facilities for the children. At the same time, two staff houses and a wash house were built, which was rebuilt in 2012, and is now used as a bedroom for the big boys. In addition, the entire area was secured with fences and access gates.


Projects in Bunju B / Land register B

Phase 2

In summer 2011, after completing the first with the nursery building and the toilet block, we were able to relate the future administration building where we have temporarily placed our school (first, second and third grade) until the school building was ready. On the roof of the administration building, the solar panels were mounted.

Phase 3

The first school building has open its door in June 2012 and since July 2012 we are able to accommodate 180 children in the dining room and the associated school kitchen is in operation.

Phase 4

At the end of 2012 we took three other school buildings in operation, each with two classrooms.

Projects in Bunju B / School expansion / Land register C

With the purchase of neighboring property for our school grounds, we have ensured that our school continues to meet the high demand for new families. We will start with the construction of the first school building including three classrooms which will be ready in spring 2014. Beginning in 2015, new classrooms will be ready for their first pupils. Construction is planned to start on the other two school buildings, as well as a restroom facility in 2015-2016. Near the end of 2016 the entire school campus should be completed and ready for use by the students. The whole compound will include, nineteen classrooms, one administration building, a school kitchen, a dining hall, two restroom facilities, a volleyball field and a basketball arena.

Phase 5

In January 2015 the new school building with three classrooms was finished. Now we are able to lead several classes twice.

Phase 6

After the rainy season, we were able to start in March 2015, with the construction of the first two-story building with six classrooms. The plan is to pass this new building to the school in the fall of 2015. So we have enough classrooms to lead all classes twice.

Phase 7

Simultaneously with the new classroom block, we have to strengthen the capacity of the toilet facility.

Plans for the construction project Bunju B:



02-CHILDRENS-HOME.pdf (274.9 kB)

03-TYPICAL-STAFF-HOUSE.pdf (186.4 kB)


05-BICYCLE-SHED.pdf (265.0 kB)

06-NURSERY-AND-SCHOOL-SITE-PLAN2012.pdf (397.8 kB)

07-NURSERY-BUILDING.pdf (217.9 kB)




11-TOILET-BUILDING.pdf (196.7 kB)

Projects in Bunju B / Vocational training center / Land register D

With the acquisition of Dr. Mkumbi's plot about 200 meters east of our campus, we will have the opportunity to operate a vegetable and fruit plantation for use of both the school and the orphanage. 

In the coming years, we also plan to build an apprentice workshop for girls and boys. If we secured the funding and will train young people from our school as well as other children in the area. We will cover another important need in the training chain of young people and enable primary school graduates to prepare for professional life. We are planning training courses for the following job profiles: tailors, gardeners, builders, painters, masons, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, welders, wood builders, etc.


Projects in Itobo / Nursery and primary school Itobo

The nursery and primary school in Itobo, Tabora region is also supported by our Foundation Tuwapende Watoto. Thanks to donations we are able to offer a daily hot meal for up to 1100 children.