Mission statement children's home

The Vision of Tuwapende Watoto children's home

Every child belongs in a family where they can grow surrounded by love, respect and security. These orphans are surrounded by loving people who care and support them on their way to independence.

The Mission of Tuwapende Watoto

We are a caring family for orphaned and abandoned children. We support them to live an independent life, which is characterized by responsibility, independence and compassion. We focus on a quality education and upbringing and assist the children to become an active and successful member of the Tanzanian society.

The Values ​​of Tuwapende Watoto

  • Courage - We dare to take new paths
  • Commitment - We keep our word
  • Trust - We believe in each other and in life
  • Diversity - We treasure the uniqueness of each person
  • Integrity - We live according to our values